People Box

Once upon a time, there was a designer who never saw his own photos during professional cocktail parties, and arrived home without a memento.

He dreamed of a time when it would be possible to leave an event immediately with a photo as a keepsake, but also of using it to entertain, exchange, and communicate.

Once upon a time there was Peoplebox, the inventor of the photo stand specifically for events, winner of the gold medal at the Concours Lépine, and 100% made in France.

And today?

We have professional photographers who liven up your events, a commercial team well known for its adaptability and attentiveness, 30 available Boxes, and over 15 years’ experience in managing your different projects.

Photos become an original communication tool, circulating your company’s image to your clients, partners, and collaborators.

Il était une fois Peoplebox