NEW ! Social Gallery

Every guest can share and comment his photo on the social networks.
The ideal option for your digital communication!

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Photo formats

10x15cm / 13x18cm / 15x20cm / 15x23cm / 5x15cm / 10x10cm / Large sizes / Possibility of couponing...

Choose before event your preferred format.

How the Box looks

Communicate more and more!

Email option

Allow your guests to instantly receive their photos by email.
Collect all the emails and all photos without copyright restriction.

Dynamic display of pictures

Display pictures in real time on your screens.
Bring new life to your photo animation!

Online Photo Gallery

Let your guests relive the atmosphere of the event.

Customized message by the guest on his photo

Let your guests express themselves freely or offer a list of custom messages.

Recovery of photos without copyright restriction

Retrieve all the photos after the event, without copyright restriction.

Photo folders

Guests leave with their photos in a folder sporting your colours.